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Wed Nov 11 03:06:42 CET 2020

On 11/10/20 5:08 PM, Bert Gunter wrote:
> There are around 20,000 specialized packages for R. This list is set up to
> help on standard R features and packages, but cannot possibly be expected
> to support 20,000 packages. As the posting guide says (did you read it??!):
> "If the question relates to a *contributed package* , e.g., one downloaded
> from CRAN, try contacting the package maintainer first. You can also use
> find("functionname") and packageDescription("packagename") to find this
> information. *Only* send such questions to R-help or R-devel if you get no
> reply or need further assistance. This applies to both requests for help
> and to bug reports."
> (Note also: ?maintainer)
> So did you you do this?
> Bert Gunter

To follow up on this ... the StackOverflow forum also handles coding
questions but it specifically advises against posting overly broad
questions or requests for package recommendations or other requests for
external sources of programming advice or tutoring.

Like Rhelp, SO advises questioners is to prepare a test dataset and to show what efforts have been made using R code. The code should preferably install the package and then load it. It should then make whatever preliminary transformations you have attempted along with the compete error messages or descriptions of what results failed to meet your expectations.

Neither Rhelp or SO should be considered as sources for one-off tutorials or as places to ask for one-off projects builds.


  On Tue, Nov 10, 2020 at 4:55 PM Gaspar Núñez <nurogaleo using gmail.com> wrote:

>> Hi,
>> Hope you are doing well, I´m trying to start working
>> with ioanalysis package, however its being difficult for me
>> to prepare data from my own input-output table,
>> import it into R in order to apply the ioanalysis functions
>> Any help on this will be highly appreciated.
>> Please note that I do not need links to the ioanalysis manual
>> nor to pages describing the package and its functions,
>> but something like a tutorial or worked example on
>> how to prepare data from the input-output table
>> import data into R, so that after that i can work with ioanalysis
>> Thank you very much in advance
>> Gaspar Núñez
>>          [[alternative HTML version deleted]
And .... Rhelp does not accept HTML code. If you had included code, it 
would probably have been mangles. Use plain text.

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