[R] analyzing results from Tuesday's US elections

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Mon Nov 9 06:53:46 CET 2020

You can try here: https://decisiondeskhq.com/

I think they have what you are looking for. From their website:

"Create a FREE account to access up to the minute election results and 
insights on all U.S. Federal elections. Decision Desk HQ & Øptimus 
provide live election night coverage, race-specific results including 
county-level returns, and exclusive race probabilities for key 
battleground races."

    Also, this article provides a little, emphasis on little, of 
statistical analysis of election results, but it may be a place to start.



On 11/8/20 11:25 PM, Bert Gunter wrote:
>          External Email - Use Caution
> NYT  had interactive maps that reported  votes by county. So try contacting
> them.
> Bert
> On Sun, Nov 8, 2020, 8:10 PM Abby Spurdle <spurdle.a using gmail.com> wrote:
>>> such a repository already exists -- the NY Times, AP, CNN, etc. etc.
>> already have interactive web pages that did this
>> I've been looking for presidential election results, by ***county***.
>> I've found historic results, including results for 2016.
>> However, I can't find such a dataset, for 2020.
>> (Even though this seems like an obvious thing to publish).
>> I suspect that the NY Times has the data, but I haven't been able to
>> work where the data is on their website, or how to access it.
>> More ***specific*** suggestions would be appreciated...?
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