[R] help loading files into R for koRpus analysis

Gordon Ballingrud gob@@|||ngrud @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Mon Nov 2 18:28:59 CET 2020

Hello all,

I need some help with loading text-file data into R for analysis with
packages like koRpus.

The problem I am facing is getting R to recognize a folder full of Word
files (about 4,000) as data which I can then make koRpus perform analyses
like Coleman-Liau indexing. If at all possible, I prefer to make this work
with Word files. The key problem is the struggle to cause R to recognize
the text (Word) files in bulk (that is, all at the same time) so that
koRpus can do its thing with those files.

My attempts to make this work have all been in vain, but I know that
packages like koRpus would be limited in usefulness if there were no way to
get the package to do its work on a large collection of files all at once.

I hope this problem will make sense to someone, and that there is a tenable
solution to it.



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