[R] POSIX system oddities

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Duh !!!


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The time has changed from "standard" (EST) to "Daylight saving" (EDT) which shaves off 1 hour.


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Why is there less number of seconds on 03/10/2019 in the internal POSIX system? The difference between the previous or the next day eems to be exactly 1 hour. I could not find anything in the manuals on CRAN.

> dates <- as.POSIXct(sprintf('03/%s/2019',9:12), format = '%m/%d/%Y')
> dates
[1] "2019-03-09 EST" "2019-03-10 EST" "2019-03-11 EDT" "2019-03-12 EDT"
> diff(as.numeric(dates[1:2]))
[1] 86400
> diff(as.numeric(dates[2:3]))
[1] 82800
> diff(as.numeric(dates[3:4]))
[1] 86400

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