[R] Changing mu in svyttest for one sample test

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Wed Mar 25 19:22:00 CET 2020

Hi All,

I am doing a one-sample t-test for survey data with replicates (svrepdesign).
I was wondering if there is a way to change the mu in svyttest for one sample test? I can't find a way to do this online for svyttest but I was able to do it for ttest.
for example; in the following, I can change the mu to be a known standard (in this case, 15):
ttest(dataset$outcome, mu=15)

For svyttest, I can only do as follows:
svyttest(outcome~0, dataset)
but I want to test my mean against a known standard (e.g. 15 as in the above case) using svyttest. Is there a way to do this? If not, what would be another way to test this?

Thanks for your help,

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