[R] Analyzing Baseball Data With R

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Tue Mar 17 08:10:43 CET 2020

On Mon, 16 Mar 2020 15:35:36 -0700
"Phillip Heinrich" <herd_dog using cox.net> wrote:

> Can’t get past first step of Chapter 7 page 164.
> Opened a new RStudio window.  Loaded tidyverse and keyed in
> library(tidyverse) which of course includes dplyr.  The working
> directory is: C:/Users/Owner/Documents.
> Then keyed in: db <- src_sqlite(“data/pitchrx.sqlite”,create=TRUE)
> And got the following error: Error: Could not connect to database:
>                                             unable to open database
> file
> Googled everything I could think of to find the sqlite function and
> the pitchrx.sqlite empty data base.  Can someone give me some
> direction?
> I wondering if I have configured RStudio incorrectly.  Why doesn’t my
> by RStudio point to the correct data file?
I get the idea that this might be homework.  There's a good deal of
information missing if you want help, and probably you've neglected a
few steps that need to be taken before you can proceed.  You also need
to understand the difference between R and RStudio.  

What you could do is type in "??src_sqlite() and see what it tells you.
For instance, have you installed the package RSQlite? If you haven't
you need to install it.  

It also appears that you might be running Windows.  Have you installed
sqlite?  And so on ...


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