[R] using mutate to remove all white space

Glenn Schultz g|ennm@chu|tz @end|ng |rom me@com
Sun Mar 1 15:42:13 CET 2020


This may not be the proper place to ask as the question is dplyr and removing white space using mutate.  My code is below:

```{r, echo = FALSE, message = FALSE
conn <- myconnection

```{r, echo = FALSE, message=FALSE}
fhlloanbalance <- tbl(conn, "fhlloan_balance_view")

```{r, echo=FALSE, message=FALSE}
fhlloanbalance %>%
select(fctrdt, servicer) %>%
filter(fctrdt == '2020-01-01') %>%
mutate(servicer = 'I need to remove all white space')
I have tried a number of approaches using stringr - stringi - and gsub.  The problem I think I am facing: I cannot seem to operate on the column in sql this is relative straight forward using replace.  I have tried several approaches and scanned the internet but I cannot seem to come up with a workable solution.  Any help is appreciated.  I suppose I could just default back to sql but would prefer to use dplyr.


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