[R] Error in "plot(aov.object)" after upgradation to R-4.0.0 and R-4.0.1 for given R-Script-Example

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Fri Jun 19 17:13:00 CEST 2020

Dear learned experts of R,

I was writing a book through RStudio-Rmarkdown and had finally compiled it
successfully based on R package R-3.6.2. Afterwards, I updated my R-3.6.2
to R-4.0.0 and even later to R-4.0.1.

Then, the publishers demanded to recompile the book with font embedding, so
I tried to recompile the book, when I found the following error:

"Error in (dm - 1) %*% ff : non-conformable arguments"

For convenience and reproducibility of the error, I am giving below the
same code chunk as an R-Script-Example, wherein the error is occurring in
the plot() function with the input of an aov() object.

R-Script-Example producing error:

setwd("E:/AKS-DATA-New/Software/R and allied

#After Upgrading to R-4.0.0 and even in R-4.0.1 following error in "plot()"
function occurs:


#Creating data frame
sned.2x2.woint=data.frame(Block, Sample.Size, Permanganate, Riboflavin)

#Declaring Block, Sample.Size, Permanganate as factors
sned.2x2.woint$Block = factor(sned.2x2.woint$Block)
sned.2x2.woint$Sample.Size = factor(sned.2x2.woint$Sample.Size)

#ANOVA of RBD when Block, Sample.Size, Permanganate are a fixed effects
sned.2x2.woint.aov1=aov(Riboflavin ~ Block + Sample.Size + Permanganate +

cat("ANOVA of RBD when Block, Sample.Size and Permanganate are fixed

#ANOVA of RBD when Block, Sample.Size, Permanganate are fixed effects
sned.2x2.woint.aov2=aov(Riboflavin ~ Block + Sample.Size + Permanganate,

cat("ANOVA of RBD when Block, Sample.Size and Permanganate are fixed


plot(sned.2x2.woint.aov2, which=1) #OK
plot(sned.2x2.woint.aov2, which=2) #Ok
plot(sned.2x2.woint.aov2, which=3) #OK
plot(sned.2x2.woint.aov2, which=4) #OK

plot(sned.2x2.woint.aov2, which=5) #Error in (dm - 1) %*% ff :
non-conformable arguments

plot(sned.2x2.woint.aov2, which=6) #OK

I request the esteemed and learned experts of R to kindly me out to
overcome this error.

With regards

Dr. A.K. Singh
Professor and Head (Agricultural Statistics)
Department of Agricultural Statistics and Social Science (L)
Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Raipur-492 012,
Chhattisgarh, India
Mobile: +918770625795
Email: akhileshsingh.igkv using gmail.com

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