[R] Creating one df from 85 df present in a list

Alejandro Ureta uret@@@|ej@ndro @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Wed Jun 10 17:13:24 CEST 2020

hi, I am trying to fuse (cbind, merge... NOT rbind) several dataframes with
different numbers of rows, all df included in a list, and using the code
extract shown below. The function merge() works well with two df but not
more than two...I have 85 dataframes to join in this way (85 df in the
list)....could you please let me know how to get all 85 df merged ?,,,,,

fusion_de_tablas = merge(red_tablas_por_punto[["1 - Bv.Artigas y la Rambla
(Terminal CUTCSA)"]],
red_tablas_por_punto[["10 - Avenida Millán 2515 (Hospital Vilardebó)"]],
red_tablas_por_punto[["100 - Fauquet 6358 (Hospital Saint Bois)"]],
by= 'toma_de_muestras', all = T )

*Alejandro *

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