[R] Query on contour plots

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Tue Jun 2 10:23:24 CEST 2020

I'm putting this back on the list.

> So how would I set up the code to do this with the data type I have?

> I will need to replicate the same task > 200 times with other data sets.
> What I need to do is plot *Fc *against *Sc* with the third dimension being the *density* of the data points.

Using Jim's bat_call data:

    library (bivariate)

    plot_ds <- function (dataset, main="", xlim, ylim, ..., k1=1, k2=1)
    {   names <- names (dataset)
        fh <- kbvpdf (dataset [,1], dataset [,2], k1 * bw.nrd (dataset
[,1]), k2 * bw.nrd (dataset [,2]) )
        plot (fh, main=main, xlab = names [1], ylab = names [2],
            xlim=xlim, ylim=ylim,

    plot_ds (bat_call, "plot 1", k1=1.25, k2=1.25)

Note that I've used stats::bw.nrd.
The k1 and k2 values, simply scale the default bandwidth.
(In this case, I've increased the smoothness).

If you want to do it 200+ times:
(1) Create another function, to iterate over each data set.
(2) If you want to save the plots, you will need to add in a call to
pdf/png/etc and close the device, in each iteration.
(3) It may be desirable to have constant xlim/ylim values, ideally
based on the ranges of the combined data:

    plot_ds (bat_call, "plot 1", xlim = c (25, 30), ylim = c (-15, 10),
        k1=1.25, k2=1.25)

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