[R] How to create a readable plot in R with 10000+ values in a dataframe

Dr Eberhard Lisse no@p@m @end|ng |rom ||@@e@NA
Wed Jul 29 22:21:32 CEST 2020

I always find two things helpful


2) Asking myself what information do I want to convey 
   before thinking about how to do that. 

>From the below I can not understand what you want to tell 
your audience.

I don't think it's helpful trying to read 17298 names on a 
plot so maybe show the counts by region, perhaps with another 

>From the data sample in another post, one could maybe group/count
count the host(names) and them plot it on a worldmap with a colour 
scale showing the numbers.


On 2020-07-23 20:11 , Ritwik Mohapatra wrote:
> How to create a readable and legible plot in R with 10k+ values.I have a
> dataframe with 17298 records.There are two columns:Machine Name(Character)
> and Region(Character).So i want to create a readable plot with region in x
> axis and machine name in y axis.How do i do that using ggplot or any other
> way.Please help.
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