[R] How to create a readable plot in R with 10000+ values in a dataframe

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Fri Jul 24 15:29:03 CEST 2020

Hi All,

These are the two codes i have used so far:-
ggplot(df3_machine_region,aes(Region,Machine.Name)) +
!![2nd Plot|690x375](upload://gTyYUXe6lPJXCdyvqRBtUZ8zsyL.png) [1st
ggplot(df3_machine_region,aes(Region,Machine.Name)) +

I have to present the plot to my stakeholders,so thats why its required in
a readable and legible way.

There would be approximately 10k+ values(max) for machine and region

I have attached the output plots for your reference.Please find below a
snapshot of data for your reference.

|ABE-L-98769.europe.shell.com (2)|Americas|
|ABE-L-98769.europe.shell.com (2)|Europe|


On Fri, Jul 24, 2020 at 6:05 PM Martin Maechler <maechler using stat.math.ethz.ch>

> >>>>> Ritwik Mohapatra
> >>>>>     on Thu, 23 Jul 2020 23:41:57 +0530 writes:
>     > How to create a readable and legible plot in R with 10k+ values.I
> have a
>     > dataframe with 17298 records.There are two columns:Machine
> Name(Character)
>     > and Region(Character).So i want to create a readable plot with
> region in x
>     > axis and machine name in y axis.How do i do that using ggplot or any
> other
>     > way.Please help.
> Good answers to this question will depend very much on how many
> 'Machine' and 'Region' levels there are.
> (and this is a case where in my opinion it'd be *MUCH* more
>  useful to have 'factor' instead of 'character'.. if only just
>  so
>          str(<data>)
> or   summary(<data>)
> would give useful/relevant information.
> --
> One possibility for a somewhat cute plot is a  "good ole"
> sunflower plot (base graphics, but the idea must be easily
> transferable to grid-based graphics such as ggplot2):
>   help(sunflowerplot)
> Martin Maechler
> ETH Zurich

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