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Is there some reason that you can't make the changes to the data frame
(column names, as.date(), ...) *after* you have read all your data in?

Do all your csv files use the same names and date formats?

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On Fri, Jul 17, 2020 at 6:28 PM H <agents using meddatainc.com> wrote:

> I have created a dataframe with columns that are characters, integers and
> numeric and with column names assigned by me. I am using read.csv.sql() to
> read portions of a number of large csv files into this dataframe, each csv
> file having a header row with columb names.
> The problem I am having is that the csv files have header rows with column
> names that are slightly different from the column names I have assigned in
> the dataframe and it seems that when I read the csv data into the
> dataframe, the column names from the csv file replace the column names I
> chose when creating the dataframe.
> I have been unable to figure out if it is possible to assign column names
> of my choosing in the read.csv.sql() function? I have tried various
> variations but none seem to work. I tried colClasses = c(....) but that did
> not work, I tried field.types = c(...) but could not get that to work
> either.
> It seems that the above should be feasible but I am missing something?
> Does anyone know?
> A secondary issue is that the csv files have a column with a date in
> mm/dd/yyyy format that I would like to make into a Date type column in my
> dataframe. Again, I have been unable to find a way - if at all possible -
> to force a conversion into a Date format when importing into the dataframe.
> The best I have so far is to import is a character column and then use
> as.Date() to later force the conversion of the dataframe column.
> Is it possible to do this when importing using read.csv.sql()?
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