[R] crash when opening existing scripts

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Mon Jul 6 23:38:23 CEST 2020

I have a newly installed R (v. 4.0.2) on an all new MacBook Pro with OS 
Catalina (v. 10.15.4). R works perfectly smooth except for one thing: 
Many of my scripts (but not all - and consistently the same) will cause 
R to crash when I attempt to open them either by double-clicking them or 
by opening them from within R with File>Open Recent. I never had that 
problem before and I did not find answers to this problem in older posts 
or StackOverflow. The only way to open them is to open them in another 
text editor and copy-paste them into a new script within R. But when I 
then save that new script and try to reopen it, the same thing happens 

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