[R] problems with greek language on windows

Pierre Ratinaud p|erre@r@t|n@ud @end|ng |rom un|v-t|@e2@|r
Tue Jan 28 15:57:15 CET 2020


I've seen two computers in Greece which have the following problem. They 
are both windows 10 computers with R 3.6.2. These both windows are asked 
to use english or french as main language. In this context, if users 
switch their keyboard to write greek, they cannot use greek input in the 
command line of the interface of R or print graphics with greek 
letters/words coming from an input file : every characters are replaced 
with a latin letter with an accent. Greek letters are ok in options box 
of the preferences of the interface.

Does anybody know how it's possible to use greek language in R in this 
context ?

Best regards

Pierre Ratinaud

Pierre Ratinaud
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