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Thu Jan 16 14:10:27 CET 2020


I have a set of Z scores from an N=2 studies and I need to run a
meta-analysis across the two Z scores for many N variables. I do not have
effect sizes and SEs. I realize there are many different meta analysis
packages in R, but I only have Z scores and it seems to me this is
limiting. I am using the metap package because this very conveniently
accepts directly p values which I can get from my Z scores. I have applied
what is called in metap package the sumlog Fisher’s method Chi square (2

I have three questions:

   1. Is this the same as a fixed effect meta-analysis without weights?
   2. Is there any way to do a random effects meta-analysis starting only
   with Z scores?
   3. Is there a way to get the I2 heterogeneity across studies from this
   or from other packages? It looks like I need the estimates for this. Is
   there another package that can easily get this using as input Z scores or P



    zscores = cbind(c(4, 2, 0.1),c(5, 2.5, 0.1))

    pvalues = apply(zscores, 1:2, function(x)  2*(pnorm( abs(x) ,

    meta = apply(pvalues, MARGIN=1, FUN=sumlog)

Thank you much

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