[R] Which external functions are called in a package? [Solved]

Hans W Borchers hwborcher@ @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Wed Jan 8 12:09:55 CET 2020

By using the *pkgapi* package and with quite a bit of manual work I
was able to (almost) automatically find all function calls to my
package in 150 depending on, importing, or suggesting packages. It
took two days to overcome all the obstacles during the process -- and
was a very rewarding experience. And one where I learned a lot about R

I also found two bugs in *pkgapi* that I will report. I will write up
a short notice on R-pubs for those interested in doing the same for
their packages. (By the way, I like the somewhat stricter rules for
package dependencies and vignettes on BioConductor.) NB: `trapz`, ie.
the trapezoidal integration formula, seems to be the numerical
function to be missed the most in R base.

Thanks for all the help. --HW

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