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Stefan Schreiber @@chre|b @end|ng |rom u@|bert@@c@
Thu Feb 27 16:59:28 CET 2020

>From the "Companion to Analyzing Baseball Data with R" on GitHub
(https://github.com/maxtoki/baseball_R) it says:

"In order to have a working copy of the code in the book, download the
zip file of this repository and extract the content of the zip file in
a folder of your convenience.
The data folder contains datasets used in the book, except those
downloadable from websites. In order to get the missing datasets, read
the readme.txt files stored inside the lahman, sqldumps and wizardry
subfolders of the data folder.
The script folder contains one script named _setWorkingDir.R. Before
running any code, open that file, change the path to reflect the
folder of your installed files and run it."

So it seems like you downloaded the zip file but still have to make
sure that the working directory is set correctly (see third paragraph
in the instructions above).

Hope that helps!

On Thu, 27 Feb 2020 at 08:05, Phillip Heinrich <herd_dog using cox.net> wrote:
> I am continuing to have problems downloading data as prescribed in books
> about R such as “Analyzing Baseball Data with R”.
> In chapter 3 (page 67) the instructions to download baseball Hall of Fame
> data from the package tidyverse are:
> library(tidyverse)
> -- Attaching packages --------------------------------------- tidyverse
> 1.3.0 -- v ggplot2 3.2.1
> v purrr  0.3.3 v tibble  2.1.3
> v dplyr  0.8.3 v tidyr  1.0.0 v stringr 1.4.0
> v readr  1.3.1 v forcats 0.4.0
> -- Conflicts ------------------------------------------
> tidyverse_conflicts() -- x dplyr::filter() masks stats::filter()
> x dplyr::lag() masks stats::lag()
> Warning messages: 1: package ‘tidyverse’ was built under R version 3.6.2 2:
> package ‘purrr’ was built under R version 3.6.2
> The package seems to load correctly but when I try to call up the data I get
> an error message.
> ***********************************************************************************************
> > hof <- read_csv("data/hofbatting.csv")
> Error: 'data/hofbatting.csv' does not exist in current working directory
> ('C:/Users/Owner/Documents').
> ***********************************************************************************************
> I have no idea where the data is hiding.  Can someone give me some
> directions.
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