[R] testing my package : unstated dependency to self in package tests

Servet Ahmet Çizmeli Servet@Ahmet@C|zme|| @end|ng |rom USherbrooke@c@
Sun Feb 16 12:03:55 CET 2020

I am updating my CRAN package geoSpectral. I get the following Warning during R CMD check :

* checking for unstated dependencies in �tests� ... WARNING
'library' or 'require' call not declared from: �geoSpectral�

All the .R files I have under the testhat directory begin by :

and there I call package functions directly (without the prefix  geoSpectal::  )
See https://github.com/cran/geoSpectral/blob/master/tests/testthat/Spectra_tests.R

Searching the web, I found examples where the same Warning has been issued for some other packages. But in my case the package in question is my own package I am testing....

Confused and at loss.  Anyone with ideas?

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