[R] Identification of Turning Points in a Signal

Abby Spurdle @purd|e@@ @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Sun Feb 16 08:13:55 CET 2020

Note that your post does not contain a minimal reproducible example.
I, and presumably most other readers, do not have the file "OULU05".

Also, your first post referred to "% CR variation", however, your
second post referred to "counts".

I created a simple simulated data set:

sim.data = function ()
{   year = 1:100
    month = (0:99 %% 12) + 1
    day = (0:99 %% 28) + 1
    counts = sample (1:2000, 100)
    data.frame (year, month, day, counts)
data = sim.data ()

After replacing the "data" object (as above), everything worked fine.
(Except that the inequality needed modification based on the value of counts).

Maybe the problem is with your dataset...?
Or maybe there's some step in your code that results in missing
values, given your input?

Also note that the head and tail functions, are useful for both
inspecting data, and describing your data to others.

head (data)
tail (data)

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