[R] Survey package/svyby source code help

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Tue Feb 11 03:33:45 CET 2020

Good day,

I was looking for some help with understanding a particular portion of the svyby source code.
When debugging the code I am not following the generation of values in the results object attr(*, "var")" after line 57 completes.
These values are fed into line 74 (rval <- t(sapply(results, unwrap))).
Alternatively I invite explanation of how the SE values are created in the rval object on line 74.

the data entering svyby is from a svydesign.default object.

I am especially confused by the syntax in 57 - 59, which is not the primary question, but would appreciate any input.

I am new to R and this mailing list and do apologize for committing faux-pas.

Thanks in advance.
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