[R] Information about pairwise Wilcoxon Sum Rank Tests

Michael Dewey ||@t@ @end|ng |rom dewey@myzen@co@uk
Thu Feb 6 11:53:11 CET 2020

Dear Gabriela

Apologies if you have already tried this but:

1 - you can see the code which it uses by typing pairwise.wilcox.test at 
the command line.

2 - to find you more about the method of adjustment you need to follow 
the documentation for p.adjust

3 - you may also need to look into wilcox.test which 
pairwise.wilcox.test uses.

If that does not help come back and tell us more about how far you have 
got so people know what else you need.


On 06/02/2020 10:04, Gabriela Hoff wrote:
> Dear Sir or Madam
> My name is Gabriela Hoff and I and an R user. I am facing problems in
> finding detailed information about pairwise Wilcoxon Rank Sum Tests
> (pairwise.wilcox.test). I would like to understand better the way this test
> is performed and the calculation of p-value, especially the procedure used
> on the corrections for multiple testing.
>   I do appreciate it a lot if you could send me information about that since
> I was unable to find those details in the R documentation.
> Best regards,


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