[R] Praising the Binancer package from a blind user’s perspective and few questions about technical indicators.

faiz rasool |@|z7r @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Thu Dec 31 19:24:11 CET 2020

Hi all,
I am a totally blind R user. Few days ago I got to know about the
Binancer package. This package solved one of the biggest issues I was
facing while learning about trading on Binance. The problem of how a
blind user can view candle stick charts to make trading decisions.
The functions in Binancer packaged allowed me to download candle stick
charts and order book in R environment from Binance. After downloading
I used write.CSV function to read data in Microsoft Excel. It has
significantly improved things for me.
 I’d like to say that R in general and in this case Binancer package
has many time made possible those things which were otherwise not
possible for me as a blind  computer user.
Now to my questions. Is there a function in Binancer package that I
have not found yet that allows me to download information of technical
indicators like RSI and other indicators? If Binancer does not have
this feature currently then are there any other R packages that will
help me in downloading the information about technical indicators from
crypto   currency exchanges to R environment.
One last question is there any R package that supports the BitMax
exchange? I think there is a package that supports BitMex exchange but
I have not come across a package that supports BitMax.
If currently it is not possible to download technical indicators from
exchanges then I do hope that if any package developer is reading this
email will consider bringing this functionality to R as blind users
will like me will really benefit from it.


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