[R] Google Summer of Code 2021

Aarnob Guha @@rnobguh@ @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Tue Dec 8 10:09:44 CET 2020

Dear R Project for Statistical Computing,
My name is Aarnob Guha and I am very enthusiastic about participating in
Google Summer of Code in 2021. I've been going through past projects in the
Google Summer of Code archives for this organisation and I was curious as
to whether R Project for Statistical Computing has any projects planned for
2021? If so, I was curious as to what these projects might be so that I can
get an idea of what I need to learn in order to adequately do well in the
project if I end up doing it. If you are ok with disclosing it that is.
Otherwise, it is also fine. Thank you.

Also, I wasn't particularly sure which mailing list to send this email to,
so I just sent it to the general 'help' mailing list. I apologise for any
inconvenience caused by this.
Kind Regards,
Aarnob Guha.


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