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1. Try path.expand().

flname <- path.expand("~/Baseball/RetroSheetDocumentation/ari18.test2.rda")

2. To load in the global environment

load(flname, envir = .GlobalEnv)

3. But read the docs. From ?load:

load(<file>) replaces all existing objects with the same names in the 
current environment (typically your workspace, .GlobalEnv) and hence 
potentially overwrites important data. It is considerably safer to use 
envir = to load into a different environment, or to attach(file) which 
load()s into a new entry in the search path.

So Duncan's suggestion to create a new environment and load the data 
there might be sound advice. Check if your data set exists in the 
.GlobalEnv first, then load() it.

ls(pattern = "^ari", envir = .GlobalEnv)

Hope this helps,

Rui Barradas

Às 18:06 de 26/09/19, Duncan Murdoch escreveu:
> On 26/09/2019 12:55 p.m., Phillip Heinrich wrote:
>> Just when I think I’m starting to get the hang of R I run into 
>> something that sends me back to Go without collecting $200.
>> The working directory seems to be correct when I load an .rda file but 
>> it is not there and it is not in the Global Environment in the upper 
>> right hand window in RStudio.
>> getwd()
>> [1] "C:/Users/Owner/Documents/Baseball/RetroSheetDocumentation"
>>> load("~/Baseball/RetroSheetDocumentation/ari18.test2.rda")
>>> ari18.test2
>> Error: object 'ari18.test2' not found
>>> ls()
>>   [1] "ari18.test3"       "array1"            "array2"            
>> "BaseballArticles"  "BaseballArticles2"
>>   [6] "BaseballArticles3" "BBCorpus"          "BBtdm"             
>> "firstfunction"     "folder"
>> [11] "h"                 "matrix"            "matrix2"           
>> "matrix3"           "n"
>> [16] "seq"               "testvector"        "u"                 
>> "vec"               "x"
>> [21] "y"                 "yourname"
>>              >
>> Somehow ari18.test3 loaded but ari18.test2 will not.
>> What am I missing here?
> The filename (~/Baseball/RetroSheetDocumentation/ari18.test2.rda) has no 
> connection to the variables that would be created when you load it. 
> Finding out what's in that file isn't obvious:  you need to load it into 
> an empty location (either your global environment in a clean new 
> session, or one created specially for the purpose).  E.g.
>   env <- new.env()
>   load("~/Baseball/RetroSheetDocumentation/ari18.test2.rda", envir = env)
>   ls(envir = env)
> This will load the object(s) from that file into the environment env. 
> You could copy them from there to somewhere else, use them from there, 
> or just load again into the global environment, now you know what you're 
> getting.
> Duncan Murdoch
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