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Ivan Calandra c@|@ndr@ @end|ng |rom rgzm@de
Tue Sep 17 08:48:43 CEST 2019

Dear useRs,

I still have problems using regular expressions. I have two problems for 
which I have found workarounds, but I'm sure there are better ways of 
doing it.

1) list CSV files with "_w_" in the name

Here is a sample of the files in the folder:
myfiles <- c("BU-072_1_E1_RE_SEC-01_local_a_0.2_0.2.csv", 

Here is what I did: CSVs <- list.files(path=..., pattern="\\.csv$") 
w.files <- CSVs[grep(pattern="_w_", CSVs)]

Of course, what I would like to do is list only the interesting files 
from the beginning, rather than subsetting the whole list of files. In 
other words, having a pattern that includes both "\\.csv$" and "_w_" in 
the list.files() call. I tried "_w_&\\.csv$" but it returns an empty vector.

2) The units of the variables are given in the original headers. I would 
like to extract the units. This is what I did: headers <- c("dist to 
origin on curve [mm]","segment on section [mm]", "angle 1 [degree]", 
"angle 2 [degree]","angle 3 [degree]") units.var <- 
gsub(pattern="^.*\\[|\\]$", "", headers)

It seems to be to overly complicated using gsub(). Isn't there a way to 
extract what is interesting rather than deleting what is not?

Thank you for your help! Best, Ivan

Dr. Ivan Calandra
TraCEr, laboratory for Traceology and Controlled Experiments
MONREPOS Archaeological Research Centre and
Museum for Human Behavioural Evolution
Schloss Monrepos
56567 Neuwied, Germany
+49 (0) 2631 9772-243

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