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Thu Sep 12 16:36:17 CEST 2019

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I misread your error. I suspect you need to use a newer version of R on your "pc".

On September 12, 2019 12:29:39 AM PDT, Faheem Jan <faheemjan93 using yahoo.com> wrote:
>Jeff Newmiller i dies not understand your answer,i run the simulation
>it give result in pc and i save the result in rda file but when i open
>it in my laptop the file loaded to Rstudio but does show the output
>that i save in the file
>On Thursday, September 12, 2019, 12:05:36 PM GMT+5, Jeff Newmiller
><jdnewmil using dcn.davis.ca.us> wrote:  
> Use the correct function.. readRDS.
>On September 11, 2019 11:28:41 PM PDT, Faheem Jan via R-help
><r-help using r-project.org> wrote:
>>Subject: How to read a result  saved in Rstudio
>>HI, i run the simulation result in other computer with high speed
>>computer ,i save the result in the rda file. know i want to open this
>>file rda file  in my laptop, the file loaded in my laptop , i got the
>>error like this load("C:/Users/Khan/Downloads/Poly.Slow.100.kappa08
>>(1).rda")> Poly.Slow.100.kappa08 (1).rdaError: unexpected symbol in
>>"Poly.Slow.100.kappa08 (1).rda" can any one help me to resolve my
>>issue. thanks alot in advance    
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