[R] R_BATCH_OPTIONS not respected?

Marius Hofert m@r|u@@ho|ert @end|ng |rom uw@ter|oo@c@
Mon Sep 9 22:38:38 CEST 2019


I typically start R with "--no-restore --no-save" (to avoid .RData
files being written) and would like to have the same behavior under 'R
CMD BATCH'. I use R_BATCH_OPTIONS="--no-restore --no-save" in my
~/.Renviron but running an R script with 'R CMD BATCH' still produces
a .RData file. What's the correct way of getting the '--no-restore
--no-save' options when in batch mode?

(This is on macOS 10.14.6 with R version 3.6.1)

Thanks & cheers,

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