[R] Problems installing Dependences of my package

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Mon Sep 9 16:40:09 CEST 2019

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On September 8, 2019 11:27:27 PM PDT, "VILAR ÁLVAREZ ANDREA" <andrea.vilar.alvarez using usc.es> wrote:
>I am writting because I am doing a package in R and I have some
>problems installing dependences which appear at DESCRIPTION file.
>First of all, I am not sure about the difference between �Depends� and
>�Imports�, but I only use �Depends�.
>My problem is that my package is going to be used at different
>computers and for different persons so I want that when other person
>use my package, it can be able to check  if the necesary packages are
>installed and if they are not installed, the package must be able to
>install  them.
>I supposed that this problem was solved including the necesary packages
>and their versions at �Depends�. And now, I have another problem
>because the versions are usually indicated using �>=�, for example:
>forecast (>=8.7) but I need to use exactly the versi�n 8.7 because
>sometimes when packages are updated, they lost some functions. But if I
>use �<=� or �==� and the package is update to versi�n 8.8, my package
>installation fail.
>How can I solve this? If I use R normaly (outside my package), I can
>install older versions of other packages using
>devtools::install_version() so why when I indicate � forecast (<=8.7)�
>at Depends on the DESCRIPTION file, R is not able to install an older
>version if a new one is avaliable?
>Thanks in advance for your attention.
>Best regards,
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