[R] How to use Conda with R + RStudio Server

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Sat Sep 7 19:48:49 CEST 2019

You may get a response here (including my poorly-informed one) but this is off topic (_do read the Posting Guide_) so you are basically barking into the darkness here. You should be asking in the RStudio community forum.

As far as I am aware you have to run your RSS in a single environment, so conda is a poor match for that IDE. But hey... I could be wrong... go ask an expert.

On September 7, 2019 8:58:19 AM PDT, Juan Telleria Ruiz de Aguirre <jtelleria.rproject using gmail.com> wrote:
>Dear R-help Mailing List:
>For reproducibility, I want to use Conda + R (IRkernel), which will
>me to have within the same machine different "environments", with
>versions of R installed, and specific package versions:
>As a result, I could execute in my command prompt:
>>> conda activate r_environment_A
>>> jupyter lab
>And develop in a R environment with a fixed set of packages, and anyone
>with my same environment (Can be exported though a `conda env export`
>created though a `conda create`) could reproduce the same analyses in
>However, instead of using Jupyter Lab, I would like to use "RStudio
>within my conda environment, but this is far more complicated, as I
>not been able to install it in an easy way, so that, changing my conda
>environment, also changes my RStudio Server Environment:
>Anyone has any gess on how to do it?
>Thank you!
>Juan Telleria
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