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Anyone able to help me with this.
I'm doing a datacamp course and the effect of adding a "bogus variable" to a linear model.
I make a model and initially fmodel works fine.
When I have a second model which uses this "bogus variable" it complains about the type of this variable.

The code below works fine.


# Add bogus column to CPS85 (don't change)
CPS85$bogus <- rnorm(nrow(CPS85)) > 0
cat ("typeof(CPS88$bogus) is:", typeof(CPS85$bogus), "\n")
# Make the base model
base_model <- lm(wage ~ educ + sector + sex, data = CPS85)

# Make the bogus augmented model
aug_model <- lm(wage ~ educ + sector +sex  + bogus, data = CPS85)

# Find the MSE of the base model
mean_base <- mean((CPS85$wage - predict(base_model, newdata = CPS85)) ^ 2)

# Find the MSE of the augmented model
mean_aug <- mean((CPS85$wage - predict(aug_model, newdata = CPS85)) ^ 2)
cat("Mean Square Error of base", mean_base,"\n")
cat("Mean Square Error of aug", mean_aug)

However if I uncomment #print(fmodel((aug_model)))
I get

Error: variable 'bogus' was fitted with type "logical" but type "character" was supplied

Any pointers gratefully accepted

Cheer Paul J

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