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Tue Oct 22 22:54:07 CEST 2019

      Row Outs RunnerFirst RunnerSecond RunnerThird R1 R2 R3 
      1 0       
      2 1       
      3 1       
      4 1 arenn001      
      5 2 arenn001      
      6 0       
      7 0 perad001      
      8 0 polla001 perad001     
      9 0 goldp001 polla001 perad001    
      10 0  lambj001 goldp001    
      11 1  lambj001 goldp001    
      12 2   lambj001    
      13 0       
      14 1       

With the above data, Arizona Diamondbacks baseball, I’m trying to put zeros into the R1 column is the RunnerFirst column is blank and a one if the column has a coded entry such as rows 4,5,7,8,& 9.  Similarly I want zeros in R2 and R3 if RunnerSecond and RunnerThird respectively are blank and ones if there is an entry.  

I’ve tried everything I know how to do such as “If Loops”, “If-Then loops”, “apply”, “sapply”, etc.  I wrote function below and it ran without errors but I have no idea what to do with it to accomplish my goal:

R1 <- function(x) {  
  if (ari18.test3$RunnerFirst == " "){
       ari18.test3$R1 <- 0
           R1 <- ari18.test3$R1 <- 1

The name of the data frame is ari18.test3

On a more philosophical note, data handling in R seems to be made up of thousands of details with no over-riding principles.  I’ve read two books on R and a number of tutorial and watched several videos but I don’t seem to be making any progress.  Can anyone suggest videos, or tutorials, or books that might help?  Database stuff has never been my strong point but I’m determined to learn.

Philip Heinrich
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