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See inline.

On Sat, Oct 19, 2019 at 01:48:44PM +0530, Sri Priya wrote:
> Dear R Users,
> Question:
> A chit fund has 25 members. Each month they contribute Rs 2000 each. End of
> the month, the person who bids the lowest for the corpus, gets his bid. The
> group organizer gets paid a fixed commission of Rs 2500 each month (5% of
> 25*2000).It is deducted from the bid winner's corpus. The remaining amount
> is distributed among all the 25 customers equally.
> Based on the above details calculate using R
> 1. What is the Annualized  Return of the person who bids in the last month
> ?
> 2. What is the Annualized Return of the person who bids in the first month ?
> 3. Write an R script which calculates the annualized return of chit fund
> participant ?- Show the Return % for each month's bid winner.

This list has a no homework policy.

Please provide at least some preliminary works.

> Herewith attached the excel file for calculation.

File got stripped by the list.

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