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Data frames are NOT spreadsheets. Don't treat them like spreadsheets. All elements in a column are parts of a vector which means they all have the same data type.

On the other hand, if you want to generate formatted output in HTML, LaTeX, or Word, there are many tools for generating formatted tables in the data output phase of data analysis, and it is common to convert everything to character format intentionally then.

On October 19, 2019 12:44:26 AM PDT, Felipe Carrillo via R-help <r-help using r-project.org> wrote:
>Consider the following dataset:  I need to replace NAs with "-" but I
>lose my numeric formatting  fall.estimate <- structure(list(`Salmon` =
>c("salmon River", "Ant Creek", "big Creek", "oso River", "linda
>Creek"), `baseline` = c(80874.384012, 361.1997, 5012.8311, 638.6912,
>402.104433333333), `target` = c(160000, 720, 10000, 450, 800), `1992` =
>c(27618.4365, 0, 3587.61719, NA, NA), `1993` = c(100027.82328, NA,
>5647.83116, NA, NA), `1994` = c(99414.57438, NA, 12896.93753, NA, NA),
>`1995` = c(235027.00518, NA, 32059.63037, NA, NA), `1996` =
>c(143004.6423, NA, 17191.2152, NA, NA), `1997` = c(112796.88894, NA,
>27365.24435, NA, NA), `1998` = c(102858.8148, NA, 20539.17372, NA, NA),
>`1999` = c(94113.26562, NA, 21916.44213, NA, NA)), row.names =
>c(NA, -5L), class = c("tbl_df", "tbl", "data.frame"))
>fall.estimatestr(fall.estimate)#convert to class dataframefall.estimate
><- as.data.frame(fall.estimate)
>#Remove all decimalsfall.estimate[,-1]
><-round(fall.estimate[,-1],0)#Replace NA's' with dash
>'-'fall.estimate[is.na(fall.estimate)] <- "-"
>#Here all my columns get converted to character#Try to convert back to
>numericfall.estimate <- mutate_all(fall.estimate, function(x)
>as.numeric(as.character(x))) fall.estimate#But I get these warnings
>aand my dashes dissapearQuestion: How can I replace my NAs with dashes
>and keep all my dataframecolumns as numeric? Warning messages:1: In
>FUN(newX[, i], ...) : NAs introduced by coercion2: In FUN(newX[, i],
>...) : NAs introduced by coercion3: In FUN(newX[, i], ...) : NAs
>introduced by coercion4: In FUN(newX[, i], ...) : NAs introduced by
>coercion5: In FUN(newX[, i], ...) : NAs introduced by coercion6: In
>FUN(newX[, i], ...) : NAs introduced by coercion7: In FUN(newX[, i],
>...) : NAs introduced by coercion8: In FUN(newX[, i], ...) : NAs
>introduced by coercion9: In FUN(newX[, i], ...) : NAs introduced by
>Thanks beforehand
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