[R] Why don't the comments appear in the function?

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Mon Nov 25 00:06:26 CET 2019

I have made a list in which each element is a function.   If I print
individual elements of the list, then the function code is shown along
with embedded comments.  However, if I print the list or sublist, then the
function code is shown without comments.   Why (and how) are the comments

	# Calculates before-tax income required to realized value y

function (y, brackets, rates)
    ints <- c(0, cumsum(diff(brackets) * rates[1:(length(rates) -
        1)])) - brackets * rates
    x <- (y + ints)/(1 - rates)
    x[sum(x > brackets)]

I am running R 3.3.2 on Mac OS X  10.10.5

Mik Bickis

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