[R] Supplying names to vars() in ggplot2.

Rolf Turner r@turner @end|ng |rom @uck|@nd@@c@nz
Sun Nov 17 06:54:49 CET 2019

I need to call ggplot() from another function with the names of the 
faceting variables supplied as arguments to the calling function.  These 
names (which are names of columns in the relevant data frame)
are given as character arguments, say "rowName" and "colName".
Suppose that rowName is equal to "clyde" and colName is equal to "irving".

I'd like to do something like

... + facet_grid(row=vars(rowName), col=vars(colName)) + ...

but this does not work.  For instance, vars(rowName) gives

> [[1]]
> <quosure>
> expr: ^rowName
> env:  global

I'd like to get the same thing as if I said vars(clyde) which gives

> <list_of<quosure>>
> [[1]]
> <quosure>
> expr: ^clyde
> env:  global

There *must* be some magic arcane incantation that I can apply to 
rowName (and colName) to get what I want.  Mustn't there?

I tried things like vars(as.name(rowName)) --- nope, no help at all.

Can anyone help me out?


Rolf Turner

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Department of Statistics
University of Auckland
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