[R] Ask for help on the preprocessing of GEO microarray data with Oligo

chziy429 chz|y429 @end|ng |rom 163@com
Thu Nov 14 15:55:16 CET 2019

Dear Sir

I have downloaded the raw CEL data included in "GSE41418" from GEO and tried to process the raw microarray data according to the following Rscripts

  affydata <- ReadAffy(cdfname = "mouse4302mmentrezgcdf")
  eset <- oligo::rma(affydata)

The raw data can be read by ReadAffy but failed in the normalization process. I have tried to process it with affy::rma, frma::frma and oligo::rma, but it still can not work. An error saying "address 0x7f854500a000, cause 'invalid permissions'" was returned. However this error message was not appeared in some other datasets like "GSE41342". I was wondering whether this file was corrupted.
Could you please help me address this problem? Any suggestion and recommendation are welcome.

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