[R] Global curve fitting/shared parameters with nls() alternatives

James Wagstaff w@g@t@||@j@me@ @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Tue Nov 5 13:35:09 CET 2019

I am trying to determine least-squares estimates of the parameters of a
nonlinear model, where I expect some parameters to remain constant across
experiments, and for others to vary. I believe this is typically referred
to as global curve fitting, or the presence of shared/nested parameters.
The "[]" syntax in the stats::nls() function is an extremely convenient
solution (
but in my case I seem to need the Levenberg-Marquardt/Marquardt solvers
such as nlsr::nlxb() and minpack.lm::nlsLM. I can not find any
examples/documentation explaining a similar syntax for these tools. Is
anyone aware of a nls-like tool with this functionality, or an alternative
Best wishes
James Wagstaff

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