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Tue Nov 5 13:23:20 CET 2019

I have collected the data based on 5 point likert scale(very low, low,
neutral, high,very high) on the factor considered by individual before
making investment decision. There are five factors (D.Vs) Influencing
investment decisions. I am interested in knowing whether there is
significant difference in preference level of male and female(IVs) for the
above said factors.Number of males are 252 and females 98. I have applied
Permutational Manova in adonis function of R, since data are ordinal in
nature, and result is non significant. I have read in literature that
permutation test is non parametric in nature. Does for the permutation test
equality of variance is highly important. Also the computation of mean, S.
D and variance are discouraged by many scholars for ordinal data.
Pls through some light of permutation test and it’s assumption and
violation of it. And if in case PERMANAVO is not suitable for my data then
please suggest appropriate alternative.
Shall be highly obliged.

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