[R] cspade {arulesSequences} error

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My code runs just fine at home but when I transfer it to work and rerun it error out at the line shown. Even errors out when I try the example sin the package documentation. So I’m pretty sure is isn’t my code but rather how our IT folks have configured our work systems. Peter Dalgaard suggested that it might be our antivirus so I will look into that. As far as the D:\Temp location I changed that from the default thinking it may have been a read/write issue with my system.




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> s1 <- cspade(trans_matrix, parameter = list(support = 0.3), control =
> list(verbose = TRUE))

> error in file (con, "r"): cannot open the connection. cannot open file
> 'D:\Temp\cspade13403a927eaa.out': no such file or directory

Note that you haven't provided a fully reproducible example.

(As I don't know what trans_matrix is, and I'm not sure at what point the error message is generated, which is important).


I installed the lasted versions of arules and arulesSequences.

I tried to run one of the examples from the cspade() function's documentation.

It ran without any problems.


Also note the location "D:\Temp" is suspicious. This is not where I would expect temporary files to be created, and makes me suspect there's something (somewhere on your computer) that's not typical. This could include your working directory, startup script files (if any), environment variables (if any) or other parts of your R code, or any OS settings.


Sorry, I know that's not the most helpful answer...



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