[R] Regarding R doubt on rasch model

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Wed Jun 19 08:48:49 CEST 2019

Hello Team,
I hope you are doing well.
I have one doubt about backend functioning of R command.
Currently I'm working on IRT analysis in python but this function is
implemented in R and in R they have direct rasch model library but no
such library in the Python.

So i wanted to know that is there any way to find the math or formula
behind the specific command of R language.
for eg, summary(PL2.rasch)
after this command you will directly get difficulty and discrimination
values like mentioned below:

              value      std.err  z.vals
Dffclt.V1    3.1135       9.8208  0.3170
Dffclt.V2   -0.5157       0.8941 -0.5768
Dffclt.V3   -1.3585       3.2062 -0.4237
Dffclt.V4   -1.0032    8649.3103 -0.0001
Dffclt.V5    0.0400    1350.8452  0.0000

So is there any way to find out the math behind this summary command ?


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