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Sat Jun 15 21:40:47 CEST 2019

 Hello All,
I need help with splitting a string. My data frame is in the following format:
                      V11            DD Pack0.002   FTA English News0.003  FTA Complimentary0.004                 WB1.185               WION1.186         Al Jazeera0.007      Animal Planet2.368    Asianet Movies17.709      Calcutta News0.0010    Comedy Central5.90
I read the file from a csv and set header = False, hence it is named V1. 
The data consists of names of Channels and their prices. For example: Row 1: Name of the Channel is 'DD Pack' and the Price is 0.00.similarly for Row 5, the name of the Channel is 'WION' and the price is 1.18.
similarly for Row 8: The name of the Channel is 'Asianet Movies' and the price is 17.70. 

My question is: How would I separate the data into 2 columns: One for the Channel name and one for the Price. 
For example. The Heading should be for Col1: 'Channel Name' and for Col2: 'Price'The data under  'Channel Name' should be 'DD Pack' and for 'Price' should be 0.00 and so on and so forth. 
The letters and the numeric appears together so there is no separator and I am not being able to figure this out. Kindly please help resolve this. 
Many Thanks in advance for your help. This is my first  question ever to the community so apologies if I have made a mistake in sending it to the wrong group - kindly direct if that is the case. 

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