[R] plotting an isosurface on a 3d plot

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Thu Jun 13 18:47:23 CEST 2019

Hi,I want to plot a surface joining a circle on a plane with another circle (a little offset w.r.t. the first one) on a parallel plane. This is a very simplified version of my problem.
I will explain with the following code :
# First, I plot the two circlesorig1 <- 0.4;radius1=0.3;theta <- seq(0,2*pi,pi/8)x1 <- orig1+radius1*cos(theta)y1 <- orig1+radius1*sin(theta)
orig2 <- 0.7;radius2=0.2;theta <- seq(0,2*pi,pi/8)x2 <- orig2+radius2*cos(theta)y2 <- orig2+radius2*sin(theta)
#### the z coordinates on two parallel plnesz1 <- rep(0,length(x1))z2 <- rep(1,length(x2))

I have tried to plot my 3d figure using the packages plot3D, misc3d, rgl etc. All these packages require z as a matrix. In my case, all of x,y and z are vectors. How can I plot this surface? In addition, I would like to add similiar surfaces to the same plot.
I would appreciate any help that I can get.Thanking you,Ravi Sutradhara

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