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Mon Jun 3 10:35:49 CEST 2019

We would like to announce the following 3 statistics courses.

Course: Linear Mixed Effects Models and GLMM with R-INLA.
Where and when:

  * Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Centre, St John’s, Canada. 12-16 August
  * University of Cádiz, Cádiz, Spain. 2-6 September 2019
  * University of Ghent, Ghent, Belgium. 2-6 December 2019

Course website: http://highstat.com/index.php/courses-upcoming

Kind regards,

Alain Zuur

Other upcoming courses:

Introduction to regression models with spatial and temporal correlation 
using R-INLA
NIOZ, Texel, The Netherlands. 23-27 September 2019

Introduction to regression models with spatial and spatial-temporal 
correlation using R-INLA
Burlington (close to Toronto), ON, Canada. 28 October - 1 November 2019

Data exploration, regression, GLM & GAM with introduction to R
Lisbon, Portugal. 3 - 7 February 2020

Introduction to regression models with spatial correlation using R-INLA
IEO, Vigo, Spain. 10 - 13 February 2020


Dr. Alain F. Zuur
Highland Statistics Ltd.
9 St Clair Wynd
AB41 6DZ Newburgh, UK
Email: highstat using highstat.com
URL:   www.highstat.com

NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research,
Department of Coastal Systems, and Utrecht University,
P.O. Box 59, 1790 AB Den Burg,
Texel, The Netherlands

Author of:
1. Beginner's Guide to Spatial, Temporal and Spatial-Temporal Ecological Data Analysis with R-INLA. (2017).
2. Beginner's Guide to Zero-Inflated Models with R (2016).
3. Beginner's Guide to Data Exploration and Visualisation with R (2015).
4. Beginner's Guide to GAMM with R (2014).
5. Beginner's Guide to GLM and GLMM with R (2013).
6. Beginner's Guide to GAM with R (2012).
7. Zero Inflated Models and GLMM with R (2012).
8. A Beginner's Guide to R (2009).
9. Mixed effects models and extensions in ecology with R (2009).
10. Analysing Ecological Data (2007).

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