[R] drc, ggplot2, and gridExtra

Ed Siefker eb@15242 @ending from gm@il@com
Fri May 18 18:09:12 CEST 2018

I have dose response data I have analyzed with the 'drc' package.
Using plot() works great.  I want to arrange my plots and source
data on a single page.  I think 'gridExtra' is the usual package for

I could use plot() and par(mfrow=...), but then I can't put the source
data table on the page.

gridExtra provides grid.table() which makes nice graphical tables. It
doesn't work with par(mfrow=...), but has the function grid.arrange()

Unfortunately, grid.arrange() doesn't accept plot(). It does work with
qplot() from 'ggplot2'.  Unfortunately, qplot() doesn't know how to
deal with data of class drc.

I'm at a loss on how to proceed here.  Any thoughts?

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