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> Dear all,
> Are there good R stat examples in the field of agronomy (especially field experiments)?
> Thanks
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> Khaled IBRAHIMI, PhD
> Assistant Professor, Soil Science & Environment
> Higher Institute of Agricultural Sciences of Chott-Mariem
> The University of Sousse, Tunisia
> Tel.: 216 97 276 835
> Email: ibrahimi.is... using gmail.com

I apologise preemptively if this reply messes up the formatting.

Hi Khaled

If your data has a lot of (possibly correlated) parameters, then I would
suggest to look at ade4. 

The main tool behind this package is Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and
although aimed at ecological data, there are specific applications to
agronomical contexts, such as: soil and leaf analyses; market price analyses
or yield analyses; dimensionality reduction of the weather component; and
several other types of possible agronomy related data contexts.

There are other packages for PCA as well, but I don't think they were
specifically aimed at a biological context.

If you are looking for specific papers on this, I would recommend as a
starting point any paper by Patrice Cadet. Or, if you have specific
questions, you are welcome to ask me.

Best regards

Phillip-Jan van Zyl
MSc (Category Theory)

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