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Fri Jun 22 23:34:05 CEST 2018

What David Winsemius said, plus:

  legend('topleft', c("Climax", "Thule", "Sopo"), lty = 1, col = ("black","red","blue"))
not work?

It should, which will illustrate that you CAN add a legend to the plot.

The x,y that you supply to legend must be values that are within the x,y range of the plot. Type
to see what that range is, and I think you will see that 1998 is not within the plot range.

David showed you how to supply legend with an x value that is, we assume, within the plot range.

You *should* have had an error on your second try:

> as.Date(1998-02-10)
Error in as.Date.numeric(1998 - 2 - 10) : 'origin' must be supplied


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On 6/22/18, 12:12 PM, "R-help on behalf of Ogbos Okike" <r-help-bounces using r-project.org on behalf of giftedlife2014 using gmail.com> wrote:

    Dear Contributors,
    I am surprised that I cannot add legend to a certain plot. Although the
    x-axis indicates years, the actual data was in year, month and day format.
    I then used as.Date to play around and get what I am looking for. I am,
    however, worried that I cannot add legend to the plot no matter how I
    tried. Looking at the axis, I tried:
    legend(1998,3, c("Climax", "Thule", "Sopo"), lty = 1, col =
    c("black","red","blue")). I also tried:
    legend(as.Date(1998-02-10),3, c("Climax", "Thule", "Sopo"), lty = 1, col =
    but no result and no error.
    I have attached the plot in case it will assist in your suggestions.
    Many thanks for your time.
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