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The unlist solution is quite clever.

But I will note that none of the solutions offered so far succeed if the input is, for example,

   YH <- list(1:5, letters[1:3], 1:7)
    iuhV <- c(2,2,4)

and the desire is to return a list whose elements are of the same types as the input list. Which would be the sensible thing to do if the input list mixes types.

(Note that the output structure was not specified in the original question, nor was it stated whether the input list could mix types)

unlist(YH, recursive = FALSE, use.names = FALSE)[cumsum( lengths(YH)) - lengths(YH) + iuhV]
[1] "2" "b" "4"


> lapply( 1:length(YH), function(i) { YH[[i]][iuhV[i]]})
[1] 2

[1] "b"

[1] 4

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    > correction....I want the method without a for loop
    Here are two. The first is more readable, but the second is 5 times faster.
    mapply("[", YH, iuhV)
    unlist(YH, recursive = FALSE, use.names = FALSE)[cumsum( lengths(YH)) - lengths(YH) + iuhV]
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    > dear members,
    >                            I have list YH and index vector iuhV. I want to select iuhV[1] from YH[[1]], iuhv[2] from YH[[2]], iuhv[3] from YH[[3]]......iuhv[n] from YH[[n]]...
    > How to do this?
    > I searched SO and the internet but was bootless....
    > Very many thanks for your time and effort.....
    > Yours sincerely,
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