[R] Porbably bug in panel.abline

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No, the intercept a^2 f the abline is exactly the upper limit of the data, so it is in the range. 

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Note that: 

data = data, 
type = 'l', col="blue", 
panel = function(x,y,...){ 
panel.abline(c(a^2-1,-1), col="red") 

works. The problem is a^2 is just above the "drawable" y axis limit (it is the intercept of the line at x=0 with slope -1, of course). This also explains all your other comments. 



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I recently encountered situations in which reference lines are not drawn with the lattice panel.abline function. Please, consider the following example code: 


a <- runif(1,0,100) 
data <- data.frame(x=c(0,a^2), y=c(0,a^2)) 

data = data, 
type = 'l', 
panel = function(x,y,...){ 
panel.abline(c(a^2,-1.0), col=2) 

Adding noise (eg panel.abline(c(a^2+0.01,-1.0), col=2)) or adding some axis limits seems to bypass the problem. 

The problem also happens for different data source and abline coefficients: 
data <- data.frame(x=c(18,81), y=c(18,81)) 
panel.abline(c(99,-1.0), col=2) 

Thank you in advance for your feedback. 


PS: the problem was also posted at [ https://github.com/deepayan/lattice/issues/8 | https://github.com/deepayan/lattice/issues/8 ] 

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