[R] Issue with R write() function

Hamed Ha h@medh@@eli @ending from gm@il@com
Sat Jun 23 22:23:10 CEST 2018

am recently updated to R 3.5.0 and noticed some weird errors in write()
function. Further, I noticed that write.csv, write.table and generally the
functions that derive from write() are all weird.

   1. write() function does not accept a path longer than 256 characters
   neither on Windows or Unix. Noticed that a full path can be longer than 256
   characters, however, the directory name cannot, at least on windows.

   2. The append parameter does not work at all, just try
   write.table(x = 1,file =  '
   ',append = TRUE)
   ​ or write.csv(x = 1,file =  'tmp',append = TRUE)​

lease can someone report to the developement team?


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